Today is 11/11. The powerful manifesting day. Manifestation is thrown around a lot and there are many views on how and why it works or doesn't. There is often this perspective that you are creating something from nothing or filling a void. That's not how I see it. For me, it's about transmuting energy from one place to another or from one thing to another, and this is done on an emotional level. Energy is constant; nothing is ever fully destroyed or created to or from nothing. So, when you are manifesting, you are calling energy in or taking old energy out and shifting it. This is possible through emotions and thought.

The thought is the last part; it is the witnessing. We create by witnessing. Healers heal by witnessing the change and that witnessing creates it in our reality. So, manifesting with thought is witnessing what you want to create and bringing it forward in this reality. Witnessing is validation. So, it is good to have positive thought and think what you want to create, but that works best when your emotional self is in alignment.

The Fairies talk about how we create from what we feel, not what we think. This is seen as, I feel like I lack, so I create lack in my life. It can manifest that way, but what if you were not in conflict and judgment about lack? What if you were at peace with what something was? It is our emotional attachment to an experience that makes it recreate in our lives. This emotional attachment looks like conflict, power struggle, and the inability to let go. This can be internal, but it also can be acted out in our life and relationships. Our emotional attachments can be so strong that we take them on as identities. “I'm no good with money.” “I'm stupid.” “I push everyone away.” These are phrases that show emotional attachment to an experience that will keep recreating itself to validate your reality. To put it another way, you experience something where the feeling is so strong that you become emotionally attached and continue to witness it into your reality. So, even when you try to change your thoughts, you think “I am abundant,” but you feel like that is a lie. That feeling is so strong, you are witnessing your thought as a lie.

So yes, over time, positive thought can help change the emotion and the witnessing. Another way is to address the feeling and acknowledge that it is just a feeling and doesn't have to be your truth. Accepting that the past was true then or the current feelings are true now but that doesn't mean it has to continue to be true helps release the attachment or need for validation. Each day is a new day and you need to open to the possibilities. Just letting go of a need to know the outcome or thinking you know the outcome can bring change. This is why I think it is better to open up yourself to not knowing the outcome. If you can't believe you can have $500 show up (for an example, this could be a new love or job or whatever else you are trying to manifest), and when you say it, you feel like it is a lie, and all it does is bring up guilt, shame, or feelings of lack, then you are going to struggle with manifesting it. If you can say, “I don't know how money is going to come into my life or how much, but I am open to having more money,” you are side-stepping the emotional attachment. I understand why many people talk about being specific in their manifesting, but honestly, I see that hurt and block more than it helps. It also, to me, speaks to a level of not trusting the Universe/God.

If you have faith in any kind of high power (within or outside of you), then you need to trust that it is always bringing you your highest and best. I didn't say your most joyous or most comfortable, just your highest and best. You also have to accept that you will not always know the reasons why or understand how a situation that is painful is your highest and best. Again, we are talking about detachment. To me, detachment means you let go of trying to understand, control, or be invested in any outcome. You open to experience the present moment and allow the moment or path to unfold.

How I would suggest you manifest is explore the feeling you are longing for. Maybe what you think is money is really safety or stability. Maybe what you think is a new relationship is really being supported or seen or just loved. Think about the feeling and start opening to that. Take your focus to the feeling instead of the how. This, again, side-steps the emotional blocks you have about what you think you are lacking and frees the Universe to bring you what you want in any way you can receive now. Then, it will open you to more and more of that as you become more and more comfortable in that experience.

November Monthly Message

The Fairies’ message is all about perspective this month. I find the best way to keep a clear perspective is to focus on gratitude. I invited the fairy followers who subscribe to my weekly Fairy Guidance Newsletter (you can find out more about that here) to make a gratitude list and then make a list of an act to express gratitude for each thing on the list. My goal is to express gratitude each day of the month of November. When I am expressing gratitude, it shifts my perspective away from lack or self-serving acts to abundance and acts of service. I would love to encourage each of you to do the same. Here is what the Fairies have to say about November:

Are they fireworks or bombs exploding? Is it an earthquake or a gentle shifting into place? Is everything falling apart or is everything falling into place? It’s all about perspective this month. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Look for the treasures. Try to see the blessings in what feels challenging. It is like the Universe’s patience has worn thin and there is a push to move everything along. The truth is, it is all about Divine timing. Trust it is all happening how and when it should be happening. Open to the possibilities without getting bogged down in the details. On the world stage, the mass consciousness is shifting and there will be a lot of truth revealed. Things that have remained hidden will be seen. This can feel scary and make people feel unsure. It is important to know that, again, this is Divine timing. Trust the process of truth being revealed in your own life as well as on the world stage.

-The Fairies


I also want to give a quick update on the fundraiser for the woman’s shelter I did in October. We got halfway to our goal, but I was able to shift things around and add a little more money to create 24 Blessings bags! That’s just one short of our goal! Each Blessing bag will have either a Lacquer Strip or a Big fat Yummy Hand Cream in it, not both, but they will have all the other supplies. Thank You to all who donated! I will be dropping those off as soon as everything we have ordered arrives!

Blessing Bags for Natasha

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I have partnered with FADV (Fight Against Domestic Violence) in the past and it has always been a movement I strongly believe in. This year, however, it has even more importance. My cousin was killed back in January by her ex during a child exchange. This was both devastating and shocking. I wanted to do something in my cousin’s memory.

I am doing a fundraiser to create Blessing Bags fro Marjie’s House (a local woman’s shelter) and also to donate money to FADV. I have partnered with a good friend, Laura who is a Posh consultant, so we can provide the best products possible for our blessing bags.

Marjie’s House is a joint project of the Housing Authority of Island County, the Opportunity Council and CADA. Located in Oak Harbor, WA. FADV generates resources for domestic violence service providers through corporate, individual, and community partnerships.

You have multiple options to help out:

$25 provides one blessing bag.

A bag full of personal care products delivered to Marjie’s House. It will include a Lacquer Strip set and a Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, as well as grooming tools, dental care, and other items to bring comfort to a shelter resident.

$35 provides one blessing bag and either a Lacquer Strip or BFYHC for you

Not only will you provide a blessing to someone else you get a random Lacquer Strip OR Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream mailed to you with our thanks.

$45 provides one blessing bag and a Lacquer Strip and BFYHC plus a bonus gift for you

 Not only will you provide a blessing to someone else you get a random Lacquer Strip AND Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, plus a bonus gift mailed to you with our thanks.

You can also donate a random amount of money to help our fundraiser. All funds will be used to provide as many blessing bags as possible. We will be donating any additional money as well as part of our commissions to FADV. Below you can find the Donate button for the Blessing Bags, and the links to our BeneYOU and Posh sites where you can order and commissions will go to FADV.

Links have been removed since the fundraiser is over.

October Monthly Message

If this month had a tarot card, it would be The Magician. Empowerment and creation are the focus. Be aware that this means you are also facing the flip side of the coin—victimization and destruction. When I say empowerment, I do not mean oppression over others. That being said, when you stand in your power, those that don’t like you focusing on you may try to blame you for their own misery. If you have spent time and energy supporting them and are now going to spend your time and energy on yourself, they will have trouble with that. Some people may act fine and then create chaos to get your attention and focus. Also, to create the new, you have to tear down the old. In some places, it might be just some adjustments, and in others, it might be a burn-it-down-and-build-something-new-in-its-place. Most of you have already been planting seeds and laying foundation, but it feels like you are moving through molasses to try and get any traction. Now, the flood gates are open and the flow begins. Things will almost magically fall into place and you can move forward in ease. Some of you have been running from the destiny that is calling you. It’s about to catch up with you. Here’s what the Fairies have to say:

Humanity seems to be divided into two groups right now. Those that have felt battered by this year and want it all to just stop for a bit and those that are treading the surface and looking for where land is. Both groups are ready to rest. You will have moments this month for rest, fun, and peace, but not a lot. It’s about to get very interesting on the Earth over the next few months. The truth and clarity has been brought to the surface for all who wish to look at it. Both in your personal life and on the world stage, you will see the battle of denial over acceptance. Many describe what is happening as fear versus love, and there is some truth to that, but the actual battle is denial versus acceptance.

Denial will lead you to fear. Acceptance will lead you to love. But when Humans look at their choices, or are faced with a challenge, or must look at their wounds, they are not choosing fear or love; they are choosing to deny all that they see or accept it. Acceptance leads to love, to being present, and to being at peace. Acceptance allows you to step from the power struggle. There is nothing to prove or get others to understand if you are in acceptance.

The state of acceptance is fertile soil to plant your creative ideas. Acceptance opens you to the flow of the Universe and all possibilities. Acceptance means you are no longer trying to force an agenda and so you can see where your path is leading you. Acceptance allows you to make choices that slightly alter your direction and put you exactly where your soul needs to be. It opens you so the energy and flow through you so you can manifest your ideas into reality.

-The Fairies

September Monthly Message

Well I am late on the September Message, but I’m sure you all could use the info still. August was quite the month. Clarity and movement seemed to be highlights for many. September will be interesting. Still feel the energy of chaos swirling through, but if you have done the work of the last few months, you will experience it more as happening around you to others or you will just be able to handle it better than before. The chaos will not set off internal chaos, but instead help you find your focus and commit stronger to your path. Here is what the Fairies have to say:

The rest of 2019 is building to the shift of January 2020. Really, you can say everything till this point has, but especially the next few months. For some, this will be the breakthrough point. For others, it will be the breaking point. It is a time when your mass consciousness shifts from an old paradigm to a new. It is when the old systems and ways of being on Earth and ways of operating that have all been limping along and grasping at straws to keep afloat will finally sink. You can see rewards already for those of you deciding to do it differently, but know that all you are doing now is truly set up for the beginning of 2020. This is your month to claim it. September brings opportunities, support, possibilities you hadn’t thought of, and some clear steps forward. Stay open to all the possibilities. Nothing should have to be a struggle. Allow the natural flow of your life to surface.

The Fairies

August Monthly Message

If July was the shuffling of the deck, then August is the dealing of the cards. You just need to take a good look at your hand. All your options will be clear by mid to late month. The first half of the month is tying up loose ends and completing the work of the eclipse and retrogrades. The last half is the choice point. You will no longer be able to waiver. It will be time to make a choice. You have been preparing for this choice and have actually set the energy in motion for the last few months. You will be clear and know exactly what you need to do. It will be easy to see what needs to be done, but not easy to take the step. Many of you already see and know the way the energy is moving you. Stay open and willing to see all that is being revealed to you. As we step out of the shadow of the eclipse and the retrogrades, all the truth is coming to light. Here is what the Fairies have to say:

August burns with clarity. Let yourself open to bigger possibilities than you thought possible. Your path is opening. July brought you all the truth you need to see. Many of you made the changes you needed to make. You will have the room to breathe that you have been asking for. A strong fresh wind will blow through the planet and it brings with it swift movement. Struggle will fall away and you will see the missing pieces and how to make them go into place. Harvest is beginning, still most fruits need a little more time to be fully ripe. By the end of the month, you will feel like you are standing on solid ground. Many of you have felt tossed and thrown in the earthquakes running through your life. You feel as if you are fighting tornadoes and bracing against tidal waves. Now you will hear the stillness of nature and see all the beauty that was brought to the surface by the chaos. Enjoy the still moments. Let them soak into your bones and replenish your magic.

-The Fairies

Riding the Rapids

Since I seem to be having the same conversation with clients, friends, and family, I thought that I might need to put this info into a blog for all those that may need it. We are in the middle of a lot of powerful astrological energies. Eclipses and retrogrades are all about the shadow side of things, meaning the things we don't want to look at, old patterns and dynamics that we need to revisit and let go of completely, and all the loose ends that need to be tied or the things that we were clinging to that need to be released before we move on to our next phase. This month, that focus seems to be on relationships.

So many couples fighting or splitting up, friendships falling apart, new relationships that trigger our fears, and old relationships (friends or lovers) coming back to be revisited. Really, the core is old dynamics. Do we want to repeat them or do we want to break out of them? You can sit and focus, blame, or resent the other person, but you are better off looking at yourself.

Our relationships reflect our inner world. If you are feeling disrespected, where are you disrespecting yourself? If you are feeling not heard, where are you not listening to yourself? If you are feeling abandoned or alone, where are you ignoring your own needs? Others should still be held accountable for their actions, and boundaries probably need to be made in some places, but you will find peace and healing the more you can focus back on yourself.

On the flip side of this, it is a time when true intimacy and connection can take place. Those that are operating from the same place as you will connect in new ways. New people will pop into your life and it will be like a missing piece falling into place. You will have the opportunity to feel truly seen, heard, and loved as long as you can get your head out of the way and be open and vulnerable enough to allow it.

No matter what, this time is going to push you forward and shake things up (sometimes literally, physically with natural disasters). The Fairies talked about this month being like riding white river rapids in the monthly message (read here). It's fast, intense, tumultuous, and can be scary or fun depending on how you want to look at it. You might be clinging to a boat that is carrying you down. You might feel like you got bucked from the boat and are being carried down. Either way, you will end up at the bottom of the river and make it out to sea.

If you find you are really struggling with this energy you might benefit from a Shadow Eclipse Reading. They can be found in the Store section as well as other services.

Fairy Message for July

2019 is racing past in my mind. Can you believe it is already July?! I will continue with the monthly messages from the Fairies. I remember when I was looking at the overall energy of the year, July was a peak of an energy spike. It was kind of like ultimate clarity about the twists and turns of the year so far. This is also eclipse season with two eclipses in the first part of July. An eclipse give us the opportunity to look at the shadow side of ourselves and our relationships. This doesn't mean bad, just what has been hidden, or we are in denial of, comes to light. There’s a mass consciousness shift happening that I am observing on a large scale in our society. People are releasing the need for more material things and embracing the experiences as a measure of success. The need to create, express, and become driven by passions is at an all-time high. July seems to be the high point of that arc. This means whatever you have still been holding onto that you think is keeping you safe will be challenged. It's time to let go and surrender deeper to your authentic self. Not everyone in your life will be resonating with you at this level. That is okay. They are not lesser or unawakened, just engaging in a different experience. Their soul path is leading them somewhere else. Again, it's about surrendering and letting go of expectation. Here is what the Fairies have to say:

July brings a bit of excitement. New ideas and new opportunities as well as lots of shifting and changes. When all is said and done, you will feel like the deck of your life was shuffled sufficiently. This may sound scary or exhausting, but it is not. All you need to do is show up and be present. The energies are working all around you. It will be clear what steps to take when. Just do them. Where the last six months have felt like swimming through murky water full of clutter, the next six are a fast stream flowing towards the sea. You just have to relax into the current. It doesn't mean calm waters, but rapids can be relaxing with the right mind set.

-The Fairies

What if your healing was just to connect deeper to Divine love?

I was having a “why me?” moment the other night. Just revisiting my year so far, the grief, the loss, and the pain. I know there have been plenty of joys, too, but I was in a mood.

Then I heard, within, “What if your healing was just to connect deeper to Divine love?”

I wanted argue. My healing was about financial stability, achieving success, being healthy, thin, and strong. My healing was so I could experience joy and peace. Right?! Don't I create my reality? This is what I want. Like I said, I was in a mood.

“Is that what your ego wants or what your Divine self wants?”

Crap! I knew that was what my ego wanted. It wants to be successful, have money, be thin, strong......and all of the perfection it can imagine.

Now, let me say, the ego is NOT a negative aspect of ourselves or something that should be ignored. Well, you actually can't because the ego is our conscious mind. That's all it is. The self that experiences the singular self, alone, and disconnected. It's needed to help us function in this reality. Money, success, health, appearance, joy, fame, and anything else that the ego desires is not inherently bad. It is great to be grounded, create stability in your life, and have goals for growth. All these help support your experience here on earth. The issue arises when you think that's the goal.

Let's say you go to an amusement park. You ride several rides, eat yummy junk food, take pictures, and maybe see a show. If you thought the goal was to get food, you would have missed out on the rides. If you spent so much time hyper-focused on getting the perfect picture, you would miss the moments you were experiencing there. The outcome of the amusement park was tasting food, riding rides, experiencing joy, but none of those were the goal. The goal was to go experience the amusement park. One simple thing. Show up and immerse yourself in the experience of the amusement park. Now, you might have got kind of sick from the food or didn't like one of the rides or missed the show. Did you fail at experiencing the amusement park? Was it a waste of time? Well, if you thought the goal was just to see that show or ride that ride, then maybe it would feel that way. If your goal was to experience the park no matter what, then it wouldn't feel that way.

So, in this amusement park called life, where is your focus? When you look at your healing and growth, how do you measure it? Is it how well you have achieved a level of perfection in your mind of who you are? Is it the way your life, your body, or your house looks? Again, I ask, what if your healing was just to connect deeper to the Divine? Ego doesn't like that answer often. It feels like a useless focus. It sounds like you are going to go meditate on the mountain and detach from life. What this is really saying is detach from your expectation of the outcome and focus on the experience. Then when you are present in the experience, notice all the ways that the Divine is sending you a love note. It isn't grief and loss that brings the Divine closer, it's that those experiences bring us to surrender and make us present in the moment so we can experience what is already there. What we experience as struggle, pain, and life not working out the way we want is in fact us running from the present moment. It is us running from pain, from truth, and from love. When you accept a moment exactly as it is and allow yourself to be immersed in it, you see all the truth. It doesn't mean it will be pleasant. When I watched my mother have a heart attack or have a seizure, when I heard my cousin was murdered, and when I experienced some of the most excruciating physical pain ever, it was not pleasant, but I was present for each of those moments. When something intense and soul-shaking happens in your life, you can't help but be present. Your brain just stops. That state of shock opens you to everything that is happening without a judgment, just for a moment, and allows you to just be. On the flip side, so does great joy. The first time I held each of my children, presenting at a Faery Congress for the first time, going to concerts, making love, and being in the ocean in Hawaii, I felt these time-bending moments also. My life has been filled with times I stepped out of my head and felt connected to the Divine in love. Some would say I just experienced my Divine self as I am. Others would say I was experiencing the grace of the Holy Spirit. Or maybe I am embodying the Goddess. It does not matter what you want to label it, it is being aligned with Divine light within. It is detaching from what you expected and just being in that moment. Of course nobody is perfect and this will be a dance for us all. Reaching for an expectation and then releasing it. I leave with a poem. Hafiz was a Sufi poet in the 14th century. He speaks of the Divine love beautifully in most of his poems.

I Know The Way You Get

I know the way you can get

When you have not had a drink of Love:

Your face hardens,

Your sweet muscles cramp.

Children become concerned

About a strange look that appears in your eyes

Which even begins to worry your own mirror

And nose.

Squirrels and birds sense your sadness

And call an important conference in a tall tree.

They decide which secret code to chant

To help your mind and soul.

Even angels fear that brand of madness

That arrays itself against the world

And throws sharp stones and spears into

The innocent

And into one's self.

O I know the way you can get

If you have not been drinking Love:

You might rip apart

Every sentence your friends and teachers say,

Looking for hidden clauses.

You might weigh every word on a scale

Like a dead fish.

You might pull out a ruler to measure

From every angle in your darkness

The beautiful dimensions of a heart you once


I know the way you can get

If you have not had a drink from Love's


That is why all the Great Ones speak of

The vital need

To keep remembering God,

So you will come to know and see Him

As being so Playful

And Wanting,

Just Wanting to help.

That is why Hafiz says:

Bring your cup near me.

For all I care about

Is quenching your thirst for freedom

All a Sane man can ever care about

Is giving Love! 

- Hafiz

June Monthly Message

Here we are in June already! 2019 has been full and intense, but also seems to be whizzing by. This is the 6th Fairy Message I have posted this year. It's funny, I get the information and think I know what it means energetically. Then, at the end of the month, I go back and read it and have much more awareness about what they were saying. So, I'm not sure if these prepare us for the coming energy but they sure open us to embracing it better. On to what the Fairies have to say for June!

June will allow you to breathe. It's not necessarily restful, but the high intensity dissipates and you have more focus and clarity about whatever busy work you are doing. There is fun, new connections, and new adventures to explore. You prepared the ground, planted the seeds, and now it's time to weed and water. That's June. You will find some sprouts. You will even have some fruits of last year's labors appear, as if out of thin air. June is about putting one foot in front of the other each day. You won't be blocked or feel lost and that lets you peacefully work. You will have some time to rest, but even then your energy will be working to create. June asks you to be the Magician! Create, conjure, find your magic, and play. It will hardly feel like work when you dive into the passions that feed your soul. The time is ripe with possibilities. Go grab them.

-The Farm Fairies