The Fairies

the fairywoman logo.png

I have noticed that people want to write off fairies as fluff, kids stuff, not deep energy, or for people trapped in an illusion.

I have a few things to say in response to this. I’ve been seeing, talking to, and “working” with the Fairies my whole life. I’ve always been aware of the other realms. I’ve always just talked to beings. I never thought to label or try to understand them. They were/are just there.

This never felt odd or strange to me probably because my family never made me feel odd or strange about it. When I would tell my mother what the Fairies said she would just smile and acknowledge it. These were my natural talents. I don’t tell you this because it is extraordinary. It is not. I tell you this so you have a frame of reference for what I say. This is why I trust the Fairies. This is how I know what I know. I didn’t take a class. I wasn’t asleep and then awakened. They were/are just there, like they are for everyone, and I’ve always known it. 

I feel the Fairies have been misrepresented and misunderstood for a long time. They get categorized as tricksters, looking to kidnap humans or lead them astray. My truth is that they help humans see a wider perspective of our world. If they “trick” you or “lead you astray” it is because they are helping you regain your true path and helping you get out of your head. They would never harm you! Fairies can’t be labeled “good” or “bad”, they do not live in that duality. They tell me they do not like being labeled at all. Their focus is about individuality.

Once you get to your authentic self, and fully embody that being that is you, it is then that you know “The One”. The One is their name for God, Higher Power, Spirit, The Universe….. You can call it whatever you want, they call it The One. They are guides for us on our path working with this One energy.

Fairies come in all shapes and sizes. They hold a particular energy and embody that energy completely. The Fairy of Fall leaves, for example, may resemble a fall leaf in appearance. This Fairy would also embody the energy of release, transition, the end of a growth cycle, and death; all the things that a fall leaf can symbolize. They may “work” with a human when they are in a transition or it is autumn, or someone that is deeply connected to trees. How would they “work” with you? Maybe you find a leaf pointing to your next step. Maybe you find a treasure in a pile of leaves, or hear the leaves rustle and tell you some wisdom, or maybe they just appear in front of you and have a conversation. There are many possibilities.

Open to The Fairies around you and they will speak. They will show you signs and lead you to new places. They help you gain a new perspective and hopefully a little magic in your life.