Riding the Rapids

Since I seem to be having the same conversation with clients, friends, and family, I thought that I might need to put this info into a blog for all those that may need it. We are in the middle of a lot of powerful astrological energies. Eclipses and retrogrades are all about the shadow side of things, meaning the things we don't want to look at, old patterns and dynamics that we need to revisit and let go of completely, and all the loose ends that need to be tied or the things that we were clinging to that need to be released before we move on to our next phase. This month, that focus seems to be on relationships.

So many couples fighting or splitting up, friendships falling apart, new relationships that trigger our fears, and old relationships (friends or lovers) coming back to be revisited. Really, the core is old dynamics. Do we want to repeat them or do we want to break out of them? You can sit and focus, blame, or resent the other person, but you are better off looking at yourself.

Our relationships reflect our inner world. If you are feeling disrespected, where are you disrespecting yourself? If you are feeling not heard, where are you not listening to yourself? If you are feeling abandoned or alone, where are you ignoring your own needs? Others should still be held accountable for their actions, and boundaries probably need to be made in some places, but you will find peace and healing the more you can focus back on yourself.

On the flip side of this, it is a time when true intimacy and connection can take place. Those that are operating from the same place as you will connect in new ways. New people will pop into your life and it will be like a missing piece falling into place. You will have the opportunity to feel truly seen, heard, and loved as long as you can get your head out of the way and be open and vulnerable enough to allow it.

No matter what, this time is going to push you forward and shake things up (sometimes literally, physically with natural disasters). The Fairies talked about this month being like riding white river rapids in the monthly message (read here). It's fast, intense, tumultuous, and can be scary or fun depending on how you want to look at it. You might be clinging to a boat that is carrying you down. You might feel like you got bucked from the boat and are being carried down. Either way, you will end up at the bottom of the river and make it out to sea.

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