October Monthly Message

If this month had a tarot card, it would be The Magician. Empowerment and creation are the focus. Be aware that this means you are also facing the flip side of the coin—victimization and destruction. When I say empowerment, I do not mean oppression over others. That being said, when you stand in your power, those that don’t like you focusing on you may try to blame you for their own misery. If you have spent time and energy supporting them and are now going to spend your time and energy on yourself, they will have trouble with that. Some people may act fine and then create chaos to get your attention and focus. Also, to create the new, you have to tear down the old. In some places, it might be just some adjustments, and in others, it might be a burn-it-down-and-build-something-new-in-its-place. Most of you have already been planting seeds and laying foundation, but it feels like you are moving through molasses to try and get any traction. Now, the flood gates are open and the flow begins. Things will almost magically fall into place and you can move forward in ease. Some of you have been running from the destiny that is calling you. It’s about to catch up with you. Here’s what the Fairies have to say:

Humanity seems to be divided into two groups right now. Those that have felt battered by this year and want it all to just stop for a bit and those that are treading the surface and looking for where land is. Both groups are ready to rest. You will have moments this month for rest, fun, and peace, but not a lot. It’s about to get very interesting on the Earth over the next few months. The truth and clarity has been brought to the surface for all who wish to look at it. Both in your personal life and on the world stage, you will see the battle of denial over acceptance. Many describe what is happening as fear versus love, and there is some truth to that, but the actual battle is denial versus acceptance.

Denial will lead you to fear. Acceptance will lead you to love. But when Humans look at their choices, or are faced with a challenge, or must look at their wounds, they are not choosing fear or love; they are choosing to deny all that they see or accept it. Acceptance leads to love, to being present, and to being at peace. Acceptance allows you to step from the power struggle. There is nothing to prove or get others to understand if you are in acceptance.

The state of acceptance is fertile soil to plant your creative ideas. Acceptance opens you to the flow of the Universe and all possibilities. Acceptance means you are no longer trying to force an agenda and so you can see where your path is leading you. Acceptance allows you to make choices that slightly alter your direction and put you exactly where your soul needs to be. It opens you so the energy and flow through you so you can manifest your ideas into reality.

-The Fairies