August Monthly Message

If July was the shuffling of the deck, then August is the dealing of the cards. You just need to take a good look at your hand. All your options will be clear by mid to late month. The first half of the month is tying up loose ends and completing the work of the eclipse and retrogrades. The last half is the choice point. You will no longer be able to waiver. It will be time to make a choice. You have been preparing for this choice and have actually set the energy in motion for the last few months. You will be clear and know exactly what you need to do. It will be easy to see what needs to be done, but not easy to take the step. Many of you already see and know the way the energy is moving you. Stay open and willing to see all that is being revealed to you. As we step out of the shadow of the eclipse and the retrogrades, all the truth is coming to light. Here is what the Fairies have to say:

August burns with clarity. Let yourself open to bigger possibilities than you thought possible. Your path is opening. July brought you all the truth you need to see. Many of you made the changes you needed to make. You will have the room to breathe that you have been asking for. A strong fresh wind will blow through the planet and it brings with it swift movement. Struggle will fall away and you will see the missing pieces and how to make them go into place. Harvest is beginning, still most fruits need a little more time to be fully ripe. By the end of the month, you will feel like you are standing on solid ground. Many of you have felt tossed and thrown in the earthquakes running through your life. You feel as if you are fighting tornadoes and bracing against tidal waves. Now you will hear the stillness of nature and see all the beauty that was brought to the surface by the chaos. Enjoy the still moments. Let them soak into your bones and replenish your magic.

-The Fairies