Beauty is found within but expressed through our body. We makes choices in fashion, hair, nails, and makeup to express our inner self. I do not believe it is shallow or wrong to care for yourself by caring for how you look. I want to support people to express their unique style. Below you can find some featured products of the Jamberry line from BeneYou. Follow this link to see the entire catalog.
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• Cleanser

• Toner

• Exfoliator

• Hydrator

• Brightener

• Pore Minimizer

• Makeup Primer

• Age Defier

Cuticle Oil

Winter can be hard on hands and cuticles. Our cuticle oil will give you soft moisturized cuticles and strong nails. Did you know that the roots of your nail bed are under your cuticles and skin? This cuticle oil will feed your nails and keep your hands looking great!

Lacquer Strips

Lacquer Strips apply easily with no heat. You just prep the nail and apply the strip and then file the excess off. Get perfectly manicured nails in minutes. They are free of the 10 most common harsh chemicals found in other nail products. They are gluten free and vegan. Plus they are buy 3 get 1 free!